See a quick overview of our main features below.

Admin Dashboard

Quick access to manage your site.

Add Characters

Add and manage all of your characters.

Add Places

Add places for worldbuilding.


Auto-generated character profiles.


Create moodboards for your characters.

Art Uploader

Upload piles of art with a few clicks.


This feature is under development.

Family Trees

This feature is under development.

Future Features List

These are things I have planned, in no order:

  • Messaging system
  • Friend system Done
  • Favorites (characters only, not art pieces)
  • Timelines
  • Progress Bars / Personality Bars
  • Owed List on dashboard Done
  • Commissions
  • Family Trees In Progress
  • Accessories system / character closets
  • Icons added to connections
  • Additions to Places Done

Support Development

Sonagrove is free to use!

This site is still undergoing development. There may be premium features added in the future, but for now I am paying costs out of pocket, in order to provide a tool I think many would find useful.

If you are interested in supporting development, thank you so much, it really means a lot! There are two options available to the right, Paypal donate, or Ko-fi.

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