Thank you so much for even considering a donation! Sonagrove is something I have wanted to work on for a long time. I knew there were others like me who wanted a more simple, streamlined way to manage characters online.

ALL donations will go directly to my costs in running Sonagrove. Eventually once I get this out of beta, there will be a premium tier that will help cover running costs and my time used to continue development. In the meantime, I will cover what I need to out of pocket.

Thanks to you beautiful people, we met the first goal!

Goal overflow

Any additional donations will be saved towards running costs and improvements! All donators receive a special leafie icon by their username in Sonagrove!

Original goal

I am estimating, based on current costs, it will be about $80 to keep Sonagrove running in beta for 4 months before Premium tier launches. If anything is donated past that, it will be saved for future server costs and upgrades needed once the user base grows.

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Support Development

Sonagrove is free to use!

This site is still undergoing development. There may be premium features added in the future, but for now I am paying costs out of pocket, in order to provide a tool I think many would find useful.

If you are interested in supporting development, thank you so much, it really means a lot! There are two options available to the right, Paypal donate, or Ko-fi.

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